Cabaret & Stage

Award winning magician, Justin M. Monehen has been performing professionally for twenty years and has steadily built a reputation as one of the UK's most original performers.

Training originally as a ballet dancer, he later studied mime and combines his skills with illusion to create a unique and mind-blowing visual style.

Stage Illusionist

Regularly seen performing at the world famous Magic Circle Head Quarters (the UK's No 1 Corporate Venue) and on TV all over the world. Justin's stage act is adaptable and enjoyed by all ages and breaks through all language barriers with style. Starting with a genuine straight jacket escape (while strapped to a ticking time bomb). Justin takes his audience on a roller coaster ride of thrills and illusions that includes pulling off his fingers, twisting his head 360 degrees, hacking into his arm with a butcher's knife and even playing with a living severed hand!