Close-Up Magic

With over 20 years professional experience, Justin M. Monehen has built a reputation as one of the most original and entertaining magicians in the UK with a broad appeal to suit all audiences.

Justin is a highly sought after expert of sleight-of-hand magic and a skilled close-up magician who can perform under pressure. In the UK he has clocked up literally hundreds of hours of live TV as the resident magician on QVC. With a disarming, likeable persona, Justin entertains his audiences with clever effects that baffle and delight.

Adding a touch of magic!

Bringing the same attention to detail to his close-up work as he does to his award winning stage shows, Justin M. Monehen can add a touch of magic to any corporate event or social gathering. Whether it is a strolling magician for a wedding reception or birthday party or a high impact illusionist and mind-reader at a corporate function or office party, Justin is the very best at what he does.

Performing for pop stars, celebrities and even royalty, he has built a reputation as one of the smartest close-up magicians in London. For over 5 years, Justin amazed the crowds of the West End's most prestigious store as the resident magician of Harrods.